24hrs in Warsaw

This summer I had 24 hours to explore Warsaw, the capital of Poland. I have visited this city before. Growing up, I would visit my mother’s side of the family who all still live in Poland.  My mom and I would visit several cities, including Warsaw, while we were there. I always had fond memories. The city’s Old Town is my favorite- it features pastel buildings, fresco’s, cobble stone roads and open cafes. The Old Town was rebuilt after being heavily damaged during WWII. This city is a testament to the Polish spirit—tough and resilient. The Market Square in the Old Town features the Monument of the Warsaw Mermaid who is the protector of the city. Warsaw also features several Soviet-era buildings, which is interesting from an architectural standpoint and is now booming with modern skyscrapers. Warsaw is a dynamic city, which I wish I could have explored a little bit longer.

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