I was born in Caracas, Venezuela to a Polish mother and Venezuelan father. We moved to Canada when I was six without knowing a word of English. It was tough adjusting to the language, culture and weather but I am very thankful my parents made the decision to move to this amazing country.

Little Mishka

I’m a total gym rat. I do a variety of exercises including HIIT (high intensity interval training), Bikram Yoga, run, paddleboard, and my absolute love and addiction Crossfit. I’ve competed in six Crossfit competitions (three of those were in teams). I also participate in obstacle races—virtually anything competitive I’m there!

I also love to dance (hip hop, please!!), paint, sketch and take photographs of architecture. Travel is my passion and I usually travel by myself. I love the independence of waking up super early, grabbing my backpack and just heading out to explore different places. My most memorable trip so far has been Peru when I hiked Machu Picchu and on the same trip lived in the Amazon rainforest for a few days. Ask me about the tale of the tarantula…


My life motto is: porque no? Translated that’s: why not? I love trying new things, taking risks and pushingthe envelope. Why not?

why not

I hope you enjoy my articles and photographs as I continue to discover new things about life, business, travel and fitness. If you want to follow my visual journey, check out my Instagram page.


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