Work from home essentials

It’s been a year that we’ve been working from home. By now, we’ve figured some of the ways to create a productive work environment. I had a chance to upgrade my area. Since I live in a condo and don’t have a dedicated work space, I needed to find items that matched my overall aesthetic and can be stored away when not in use. Here are a few items I found to create an efficient and effective home office.

Laptop stand

I only use a laptop for work. I decided to buy this laptop stand which is ergonomic, making it more comfortable on the wrists to type. It has a vent to allow air flow and avoid your computer from overheating but my favourite feature by far is its ability to transform into a stand up desk. The accordion design allows it to expand or retract as needed giving you flexibility on how you’d like to work that day. It’s relatively compact which allows for easy storage.

Nulaxy Laptop Stand, Ergonomic Sit to Stand Laptop Holder Convertor, Adjustable Height from 2.1″ to 13.8″

Blue Light Screen Protector

We’re all spending incredible amounts of time looking at our screens. I’ve noticed for the past few months, increasing number of headaches and overall eye tiredness. This blue light screen protector is easy to apply to your screen and has made a difference for me. It is such an easy installation and comes in several sizes, I highly recommend you add these to all of your monitors.

2-Pack 14 Inch Screen Protector -Blue Light and Anti Glare Filter, FORITO Eye Protection Blue Light Blocking & Anti Glare Screen Protector


Although all my work is done on the laptop, there’s something to be said about jotting your ideas down. I am a very visual person. Having a notebook allows me to visualize my thoughts and ideas and transfer them on the laptop. I love the Leuchtturm notebook. It’s weighty and beautiful.

LEUCHTTURM1917 Muted Colours Medium Dots Hardcover Notebook

Table lamp

Lighting is incredibly important at your work station, why not select one with a beautiful design. I love all the options from EQ3 but selected the Minor Table Lamp because of its black matte finish and concrete base complimenting my overall condo aesthetic.

EQ3 Minor Table Lamp

Coffee mug

Drinking coffee is one of the first things I do when I wake up. I typically make a carafe of pour-over coffee and sip it throughout the day but the challenge was keeping it warm. The Ember Mug from Apple solves this problem. It is a mug that temperature controls your beverage for a perfect cup every time. You can create your own temperature settings and if you like to track data like I do, it connects with your Apple Health app to determine your caffeine intake and how it impacts your sleep quality and heart rate. Magic! This is a splurge item, but if you take your coffee drinking as seriously as I do, I highly recommend.

Ember 295ml Temperature Control Mug 2

Cellphone stand

I like having my cell phone right next to me at all times, including while I’m working. Sometimes, I have a Teams presentation running on my laptop while the audio is running through my phone. Having the phone in an upright position while I work makes it easier to multi-task while also saving precious real estate on my actual work surface area.  

Adjustable Cell Phone Stand – Lamicall Phone Desk Holder, Cradle, Dock, Mobile Smartphone Stand, Compatible with Phone 12 Mini 11 Pro Xs Max XR X 8 7 6 Plus SE Charging

Any home office essentials, I’ve missed? Comment below.

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