Marketing Best Practices: Making an Event Memorable

Events, just like every other marketing medium, have become extremely competitive. How do brands stand out and engage with their audience? They make them memorable.

I think Lole did it right with their White Tour this past summer. Lole, a Canadian activewear company in sponsorship with Pandora, a luxury jewelry line, hosted a large-scale yoga event that was held in several locations across North America. They set three intentions that made the event memorable:

  1. They created an experience for the senses. This wasn’t just any yoga class. They hosted the session at the Canadian National Exhibition, a well-known Toronto venue which drew in a crowd over 800 people. There was live music, exhibit booths featuring different trendy brands and a few food trucks. The yoga practice itself featured two local yogis who walked the crowd through a calming session. There were acroyoga performers too, to amaze the crowd. Lastly, they sent an email the day of the event after a morning rain storm that read…  Lole Email
    Go beyond the standard event and take a close look at the details. Provide unexpected experiences for your audience.
  2. They made it social. Everyone nowadays is trying to get their perfect Instagram shot. Lole ensured that happened by providing several photo ops. The brand name appeared in large scale lettering where attendees could show off their best yoga pose next to it. Staff handed out large emoji signage for additional pictures. They also created a unique event hashtag which they encouraged everyone to use. Social media is a must for events – attendees want to share their thoughts and experiences. Ensure you provide the right platforms and tools for your audience to do so. 1301
  3. It nicely tied in with their products. Let’s be honest. Lole didn’t do this simply to host a yoga event. It was a way to generate revenue. But they were sensitive and strategic in how and when they introduced their products. Firstly, they had a dress code = all white. After registering to the event, attendees received an email with a link to white apparel. They also had a pop up shop at the event offering considerable discounts and showcasing some of their new products. Lole handed out free bright yellow yoga mats, in their brand colour featuring their logo. Seamless branding (and yes that was an intentional pun).
    Lole clothing sale.png


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