My climb to Volcano Acatenango

This December I embarked on a 3-day/2-night hike to Volcan Acatenango and Volcan Fuego. The first day was spent climbing Acatenango to reach the campsite that was bench-cut into the side of the volcano. The site was located across from Fuego, an active volcano. At night, we were treated to Fuego’s light show, when you can see it’s bright neon orange lava.

The next morning, I reached the summit of Volcan Acetanango which is Guatemala’s third highest peak standing at close to 13,000 ft. tall. On my way up, I felt a tap on the back of my leg. I looked down to see one of the volcano’s stray dogs. It walked by my side all the way to the top and quickly left to motivate another climber. Another dog assisted my descent. Talk about Guatemalan hospitality!

Later that day, I decided to climb Volcan Fuego- or as close to it as possible. Unfortunately, when I reached the safe point, fog completely obstructed my view. I stuck around for close to an hour hoping it would dissipate. But no luck! The next morning, I descended and made my way back to civilization.

Incredible sunrise on Volcan Acatenango
Volcan Fuego doing what it knows best- erupting
Summit view
The saddle between Volcan Acatenango and Fuego
Summit view
Descending Acatenango with a helpful dog

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