My 2017 Guiding Principles

“You get what you are, not what you want.” – Les Brown

I originally wrote this as a 2017 wishlist, but wishes are nice to haves. My goals are not nice to haves they are NEED to haves. Instead, I decided to write out a list of my guiding principles which will help me focus on what is important.  

So here goes:

  • Transform negative self talk into one of kindness, compassion and patience.
  • Embrace setbacks as stepping stones to achieving success.
  • Never settle for second best. You deserve better than that.
  • Think in abundance. Don’t think about what you’re lacking, instead think about what you’re grateful for.
  • “Do what is right, not what is easy.”- Unknown
  • Focus on your goals and stop looking for validation.
  • Celebrate every achievement regardless of how small or insignificant you think they are.
  • Work tirelessly towards your goals because success doesn’t just happen, it is achieved through intentional habits.
  • And dream big! Everything is achievable.

With a positive mindset, focus and a lot of grit, I’m hoping to make 2017 my greatest year yet.

Happy New Year!


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