Jealousy will kill your potential

We all have that someone in our life that always seems to be better than us. For the most part, you get on quite well—in fact in many ways the two of you are similar—until they experience success. Out of nowhere a deep-rooted anger arises. Every time that individual attains a new accolade your frustration and anger deepens and your self-worth erodes.

Sometimes chasing someone gives us a benchmark to work towards and provides ammunition to work harder or do better. But most of the time it kills our potential.

Simply put, by comparing your performance to someone else undermines your hard work and accomplishments.

By constantly chasing that individual your focus shifts away from your own goals and aspirations to theirs. Even if their goals don’t interest you—your hunger to beat them overtakes your own judgement.

Lastly, jealousy will stunt innovation and collaboration. In a team setting, jealousy will inhibit idea sharing. Instead of solving a problem together, team members will harbor ideas so the leader doesn’t get the credit…again. A strong team, leader, and workplace throw jealousy out the window. It is unproductive, inefficient and toxic.

Here are some things YOU can do to overcome jealousy:

  1. Recognize that your self-worth is not defined by your merits. You are not defined by your job title or how much money you make. Your self-worth goes deeper than that. Focus on building your character and giving back to those around you. “Supporting someone else’s success won’t dampen yours.”
  2. Embrace your differences and use them to your advantage. Stop trying to be like everyone else. Instead, think about the strengths and unique talents you possess that help you stand out. Don’t underestimate those differences—leverage them.
  3. Keep your head down and grind. Remember you are not working towards anyone else’s dream but your own. Whatever your goal is—get it. You are on your own journey. Don’t worry about how long or bumpy it may be because it is a journey to call your own.

“Never do the envy, jealousy, and insecure stuff. Be the hustler, the well-wisher, the go-getter.”- Anonymous

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