5 things you need to do TODAY to complete your 2015 resolutions

It’s not the end of the year, yet. So don’t give up! There’s actually seven weeks left to accomplish what you set out to do in January. If you haven’t been progressively working towards your goals for the past year, keep your expectations in check. You’re not going to earn your MBA in a month if you haven’t started the program or even been admitted.

However, if you still have a few things looming, here are five strategies you can use to get them done and off your resolutions list:

  1. Prioritize. Let’s face it you won’t be able to get everything done. Especially if you held off until now to do something. So take a look at your list and prioritize. Highlight the top three things that you can realistically attain before year end. But be brutally honest. If you can’t complete it all, break it into phases. At least work towards having the first phase completed this year.
  2. Identify next steps. Now that you’ve identified the top three things write down a detailed plan of what it will take to accomplish them. Consider the resources you will require, additional support (family, friends, and third parties), additional costs and materials. Write out every step like you were writing an instruction manual.
  3. Set deadlines. This is critical. Without deadlines your entire plan will be derailed. Make sure you set them and add buffer time in case of delays or unexpected issues. Now that you’ve set these deadlines make your stakeholders aware of them. Also, mark your calendar and set reminders.
  4. Ask for help. Make sure that you’ve shared your plans with your support team whether those are your co-workers, family members or friends. Firstly, they will most likely offer help. Secondly, they will keep you accountable by asking questions like “How’s that project coming along?” “Are you almost done?”
  5. Do it! The last and most important step is to just do it! All the planning in the world won’t get you anywhere if you don’t actually execute. So get off the couch and start working on those last resolutions that made earlier this year. It’s not too late to try.

This is doable. Just keep super focused for the next seven weeks. Make sure you track your progress daily. Once December 31st hits, review your goals, assess your activities and celebrate all of your achievements—even if you didn’t complete everything on your list. Every little step you took this year will get you closer to your end game next year.


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